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Thailand Karen people

Southeast Asian ethnolinguistic grouping known as the Karen people. Though there are sizable Karen communities in Thailand as well, the majority of Karen people reside in the rugged eastern border region of Myanmar. They are among the several ethnic groups that inhabit the area.

Karen populations are primarily found in northern regions of Thailand, such as Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, and Tak, which are close to the Myanmar border. They have historically resided in rather independent settlements and have settled in mountainous areas.

The Karen people of Thailand are primarily rural dwellers who uphold their unique cultural customs, languages (the most popular being S’gaw Karen and Pwo Karen), and practises. They are well-known for their handicrafts, including woven textiles. The Karen community in Thailand consists of both long-established members and more recent arrivals who left Myanmar as a result of persecution and conflict.

Karen’s situation is complicated. One of the longest-running civil wars in history has taken place in Myanmar, where the Karen National Union (KNU) is fighting for further autonomy within the country. Due to the situation, a sizable population of Karen refugees are housed in camps near the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

The Karen people of Thailand have experienced hardships, such as problems with citizenship, rights to their land, and displacement. Although the Thai government has worked to address statelessness among the Karen and other hill tribe people, many of them continue to lack full legal status, which limits their ability to travel, work, and get education.

Humanitarian groups and non-governmental organisations frequently collaborate with Karen communities in Thailand with the goal of enhancing living circumstances, offering education, and promoting sustainable development while honouring their traditional identity.

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