February 29, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

South Africa’s Suidlanders

A South African group known as the Suidlanders portrays themselves as an emergency plan effort that was formally established in 2006 with the goal of preparing the Protestant Christian minority in the country for an impending violent revolution. Gustav Muller is their leader, and the group is founded on the predictions of Siener van Rensburg, a Boer who is credited with foretelling a number of important national events in the early 1900s.

The Suidlanders have been actively preparing for the possibility that there would be a race war in South Africa because they think it is imminent. Plans for evacuations are in place, and supplies are stocked at multiple locations across the nation. The group says it is preparing for survival and self-defense rather than advocating or anticipating violent action against any racial group.

The group has faced controversy and criticism; some people consider it to be an extremist organization. Their actions, according to critics, feed into racial tensions and terror in a nation still healing from the effects of apartheid. Though it hasn’t specifically taken any action against the group, the South African government has typically viewed them with distrust.

In the case of a societal collapse, the Suidlanders have planned for the logistics of mobilization, communication, and provisioning. They argue that their preparations are purely preventative and draw comparisons to the emergency plans typically in place for natural disasters.

It’s crucial to remember that mainstream South African ideas are not reflected in the beliefs and actions of the Suidlanders. Despite enormous obstacles such as high rates of crime, economic inequality, and political unrest, most South Africans are striving for a society that is inclusive and peaceful.

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