March 5, 2024
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Poem about war in Gaza

here is a poem that touches on the complex and somber subject of war in Gaza:

In the cradle of civilization, under the ancient sun, The ground trembles with the echoes of the gun. Gaza, a name etched with the chisel of pain, Where war spills its ink again and again.

Through streets that whisper of prosperity lost, War treads heavily, no mind to the cost. The cries of history, muffled by blasts, As futures are buried, entwined with the pasts.

Smoke ascends to join the sorrowful clouds, Shrouding the sky like a series of shrouds. Children’s eyes, wide with unspoken fears, Harvesting a sea of unripe tears.

The olive groves stand, silent witnesses, To the cycle of war’s cruel recesses. Gaza breathes beneath the weight of despair, Yet beats with hearts defiant, aware.

War paints its face with hues of red and gray, A canvas of chaos, where night mocks the day. In Gaza, where every alley has heard a plea, The walls wear the scars of a captive sea.

Amidst the rumble and the rage of the fight, There’s a longing for peace, for respite. For in the heart of every war-torn street, Is the pulse of life, that refuses to admit defeat.

War in Gaza tells a tale of endurance, Of survival, of worn yet steadfast assurance. That beneath the rubble and the piercing cries, Lies the hope for a dawn, where the sun will rise.

This is a sensitive topic, and the poem strives to capture the gravity of the situation without taking sides or ignoring the immense human cost involved. The aim is to acknowledge the suffering and the strength of those who live through such times.

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