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Norway Rjukan hostels

For those looking for somewhere to stay, there are multiple hostel alternatives in Rjukan, Norway:

  1. Situated in the heart of Rjukan, adjacent to tourist information, retail stores, eateries, a movie theater, and the Rjukanbadet swimming center, is the eco-certified hostel known as Rjukan Gjestegård.
  1. .. It has received praise for being peaceful, tidy, and providing decent amenities at a cost that is appropriate for Norway
  1. Comparison of Hostel Prices: You can get a hostel in Rjukan for as little as $9, and there are ways to save up to 14% on your reservation.
  1. Listings on KAYAK: According to listings, Rjukan hostels, such as Rjukan Gjestegård, have free parking, free Wi-Fi, pet-friendly policies, and occasionally free breakfast. Depending on the season, prices might vary significantly, with major reductions during the off-season.
  1. Rjukan Gjestegard: This three-star hostel has free private parking and 21 rooms with Wi-Fi. It’s in close proximity to the Maar Hydroelectric Power Plant and Hovin.
  1. Kvitåvatn Fjellstue: This hostel, which is close to Gausta, provides reasonably priced lodging with wonderful views over Kvitaavatn and Gaustatoppen. It has 22 rooms that sleep two to five people, some of which have a shower and a toilet. A big kitchen and dining area are located in the main building, which can accommodate groups of any size. There is also a kitchen available for guests.

These hostels cater to a variety of needs and tastes with a range of amenities and rates. It would be wise to verify the most recent availability and rates as they are subject to change throughout the year.

In addition to its extensive history connected to the major water sabotage during World War II, Rjukan, a town in Telemark County, Norway, is well-known for its outdoor pursuits, including hiking, climbing, and skiing. These tips will help you locate a good location to stay if you’re looking for hostels in Rjukan:

    Online travel agencies (OTAs): Look for hostels in Rjukan on websites like Booking.com, Hostelworld, and Expedia. These platforms let you browse based on facilities, cost, and feedback from previous visitors.

  1. Official Tourism Websites: For listings of hostels and other inexpensive lodging, go to the Rjukan or Telemark county official tourism websites. They frequently have direct connections to the lodging providers and the most accurate information.
  1. Google Search: Doing a quick search for “hostels in Rjukan Norway” on Google will yield a list of hostels with reviews, addresses, and occasionally price ranges.
  1. Social media and travel forums: Sites like Reddit, Lonely Planet, and TripAdvisor can provide reviews and personal suggestions from other travelers who have been to Rjukan.
  1. Once you’ve compiled a list of possible hostels, get in touch with them directly to inquire about availability, costs, and booking procedures. You could also be able to receive a better deal this way than if you book online.
  1. Local Hostel Associations: Find out if Norway has any local hostel associations that provide a list of approved or suggested hostels.
  1. Think About Surrounding Areas: If there aren’t many hostel options in Rjukan itself, think about booking accommodations in adjacent towns or cities and then visiting Rjukan for sightseeing.

Remember that hostels can differ substantially in terms of amenities, cost, and quality. For up-to-date information about the state of the hostel and the caliber of the visitor experience, always read through recent reviews. It’s also preferable to search for the most recent information or any changes that may have happened after April 2023, as that was when I last updated.

rjukan town in Norway

In Norway’s Vestfold og Telemark county sits the little town of Rjukan. Situated at the base of the slender Vestfjord Valley and encircled by sharp mountains, it is renowned for both its distinct natural and technological features and its noteworthy part in the history of World War II. Here are a few standouts:

Historische Bedeutung:

    Heavy Water Sabotage: The town’s Vemork hydroelectric facility played a crucial role in a crucial wartime operation during World War II. Norwegian resistance fighters created heavy water there, and they staged a series of operations to keep it out of the hands of the German nuclear bomb project.

Industrial Past:

    Norsk Hydro Company: The Norsk Hydro Company founded Rjukan between 1905 and 1916 in order to use the waterfall’s hydroelectric power for the manufacturing of chemical fertilizers.

innate beauty

    Rjukan Waterfall: This important landmark is still intact even if most of the water is now directed through pipelines to generate hydroelectric generators.

    Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts frequent the adjacent tall mountain, Mount Gaustatoppen, which offers breath-taking views.


    Rjukan Sun Mirrors (Solspeilet): Six months of the year, Rjukan lacks direct sunlight because of its location in a steep valley. In order to bring light into the town square during the winter, big mirrors were mounted on the slope in 2013.

Outdoor Pursuits:

    Climbing and Hiking: Climbing on Gaustatoppen and other nearby rocks is a popular activity, as is ice climbing.

    Skiing: Rjukan provides fantastic chances for alpine and cross-country skiing, among other winter activities.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage Site: Known for its distinct industrial history and the way early 20th-century industry altered the landscape, the Rjukan-Notodden site was placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2015.

In order to understand more about the region’s industrial past and the valiant actions of the Norwegian resistance during World War II, visitors to Rjukan can also take a tour of the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum located in Vemork. The town is also the starting point for visitors to Norway’s largest national park, Hardangervidda National Park, which attracts both nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

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