February 29, 2024
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GPS shoes for Alzheimer’s Patients

A specialised device called GPS shoes for Alzheimer’s patients is made to assist carers in monitoring patients who may wander, a common and hazardous problem among those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Below is a basic description of the features and advantages of these shoes:


    Integrated GPS Device: The sneakers include an inbuilt GPS tracking device that allows for real-time location monitoring of the wearer.

    Carers can frequently erect a virtual barrier called a “geo-fence.” An alert is delivered to a carer or family member if the shoe wearer goes above this limit.

    Discreet tracking: The device is discrete since it is included into a commonplace article of clothing. The wearer of the shoes may not even be aware that they are being tracked, which preserves their dignity.

    Remote Monitoring: Using a web portal or smartphone app, carers can usually keep an eye on the person’s whereabouts.

    Emergency notifications: If the person needs help, there can be options for SOS signals or other notifications in addition to geo-fence alerts.


    Safety: For Alzheimer’s sufferers, who can become lost and confused even in familiar places, this is the main advantage.

    Independence: Wearing GPS shoes can help people with Alzheimer’s disease stay somewhat independent since they know they can be found if needed.

    Peace of Mind: By eliminating the ongoing concern for their loved one’s safety, these gadgets give family members and carers peace of mind.

    Decreased Risk: A wanderer’s ability to find their way quickly helps to lower the hazards of getting lost, such as accidents or injuries.

Comfort, usability, battery life, and the dependability of the tracking service are all significant considerations when selecting GPS shoes or other comparable tracking devices for a person suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. In order to ensure that tracking is done with an individual’s consent (when they are able to grant it) or in a way that is morally and legally acceptable given the individual’s capability for decision-making, privacy considerations should also be taken into consideration.

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