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Do soy candles clean the air?

Because soy candles are manufactured from soybean oil and burn cleaner than paraffin wax candles, they are frequently promoted as a healthier and more environmentally responsible option. The assertion that they “clean the air” is untrue, though.

Because paraffin candles are made of petroleum, they can release toxins and carcinogens when burned, but soy candles do not act as air purifiers or remove pollutants or airborne infections. Any kind of candle that burns releases carbon dioxide and, depending on how well it burns, may also release other pollutants like carbon monoxide. It also uses oxygen.

Certain candles are sold under the name “air-purifying” because they include essential oils, which may have antimicrobial qualities. These statements, however, should be taken with a grain of salt because, when diffused into the air, especially in an open area, the real air-purifying benefits are probably going to be negligible.

Think about the following choices if you’re seeking for strategies to enhance the quality of the air within your home:

    Air purifiers are gadgets made expressly to eliminate impurities from the air in a space, Usually, these employ UV radiation, filters, or other technologies to purify the air.

    Houseplants: Some plants have been shown to have the ability to cleanse the air, but it would take a large number of plants to make a noticeable difference in a room’s air quality.

    Ventilation: Increasing the amount of outside air that enters your house can assist lower the amount of pollutants that are present within.

    Minimise the usage of goods that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants inside in order to reduce source emissions.

    Frequent Cleaning: To keep any allergens and dust mites at bay, dust and hoover frequently.

Enjoy the ambience and maybe less damaging burn of soy candles, but to keep your home healthy, use tried-and-true air purification techniques.

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