February 29, 2024
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35 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget

You may create a visually appealing outdoor paradise in your backyard by building a deck around your above-ground pool. Here are some ideas to get you started that are within your budget:

    Pallet decking: With a little sanding and staining, pallets are an inexpensive material that can be transformed into a gorgeous deck. Simply check that they are safe to use by looking for the “HT” mark, which indicates that heat treatment rather than chemical treatment was used.

    Repurposed timber: To build a deck, salvage timber from abandoned buildings or previous projects. It can save money and is good for the environment.

    Concrete: Compared to timber decking, pouring a concrete deck might be less expensive and require less upkeep.

    Painted Concrete: If your patio is made of concrete, you may give it a new lease on life by applying concrete paint or stain.

    Composite Decking: Composite materials require less upkeep, but the initial expenses may be greater. Check home improvement retailers for clearance or discounted merchandise.

    Pavers and Gravel Base: Surrounding the pool with pavers and gravel can be a beautiful and affordable design choice.

    Artificial grass, often known as Astroturf, can be added to your pool deck to create a low-maintenance, green surface.

    Pressure-Treated Lumber: When treated and maintained properly, pressure-treated lumber can last far longer than some exotic timbers and is more reasonably priced.

    Partial Decks: To save money and materials, think about constructing a smaller deck that just covers a section of the pool.

    Build a floating deck in parts all around the swimming pool. Over time, they can be a do-it-yourself project and don’t require substantial foundations.

    Prefab Decks: You can save money on materials and labor by choosing a prefabricated deck.

    Employ a Combination of Materials: You can cut expenses and create visual appeal by combining materials like wood with pavers or gravel.

    Include Benches: Compared to a complete decking plan, built-in benches sometimes require less material and can serve as a barrier along the edge of the pool in addition to providing seating.

    DIY Railings: To save money, if municipal codes call for a railing around the deck, think about constructing your own out of wood or metal piping.

    Plant Staging: Arrange plants around the periphery of the pool to give the impression of a larger deck area.

    Install a Gazebo or Pergola: If you don’t want to deck the entire pool, adding a small, basic gazebo or pergola might be an affordable option to add shade.

    Multi-Level Decking: A modest, multi-level deck can be inexpensive and useful in giving the impression of a larger area.

    Recycled Bricks or Stones: Construct a patio area or a walkway around the pool using rescued bricks or stones.

    DIY Lighting: Adding inexpensive lighting to the pool area for nighttime swimming can be accomplished using solar or string lights.

    Deck Tiles: Interlocking deck tiles work well and can be installed directly over an old patio or deck.

    Stencil a Design: For a minimal investment, stenciling a design into a concrete deck can add flair and character.

    Simple Ladder Entry: To reduce deck size and cost, use a basic pool ladder in place of constructing a full staircase.

    Tiered Decking: Make little tiers for dining and relaxing to reduce the amount of material required.

    Low-Level Decking: A low-level deck can be just as elegant and less expensive to install than a high-level deck.

    Upcycle: To add beauty to the pool deck without breaking the bank, use old bathtubs as planters or antique furniture for seating by the pool.

    Mix Lawn and Decking: To reduce the amount of materials needed, use lawn in some parts and decking in others, such as the area directly surrounding the pool.

    Repurposed Decking: Seek out used decking materials from individuals who are tearing down or renovating their decks.

    Alternatives to decking: For a distinctive appearance and feel, consider rubber surface or eco decking.

    Rustic Style: Compared to sleek, modern designs, a rustic deck style made of ordinary pressure-treated lumber can be significantly less expensive.

    Simple Shapes: To cut costs, stick to square or rectangular decks instead of intricate designs.

    When shopping in the off-season, such as late fall or early winter, when fewer people are working on outdoor projects, be on the lookout for deals.

    DIY Decor: Using recycled materials, create your own poolside décor.

    Simple Forms with Eye-Catching Features: Maintain the deck’s simplicity and incorporate one eye-catching element, such as a fire pit or water feature.

    Enhance with Accessories: The correct outdoor furniture and accessories can sometimes transform a plain deck into an opulent space.

    Budget for the Future: Begin with a simple deck and allocate money for annual additions such as pergolas, built-in benches, and lighting.

Keep in mind that the least expensive choice isn’t usually the best one while weighing these suggestions. Occasionally, making a somewhat larger initial investment can result in cost savings on future maintenance and repairs. Make sure that any deck constructions are constructed in accordance with safety codes and that the materials you employ are appropriate for usage near pools.

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